About Virtual HR Services

About Us

Today’s small businesses face some of the same employment issues as larger corporations—with a smaller budget. But there’s no need to hire a full time Human Resources Manager. Our HR Consulting service gives you all the benefits of an HR Manager without the expense of an in-house team. Not a call center, our team of talented HR professionals is ready to assist you with answers and guidance personalized to your company’s environment.

Human Resources consultants help you tackle your HR needs, taking the pressure off your team and saving you the hassle of hiring a dedicated HR professional. As a bonus, you also receive access to our extensive library of HR forms, to assist you in creating a well-prepared, compliant workplace that employees want to be part of!

Why Outsource HR?

We get it. It’s hard enough to build and manage a small business without the added challenge of dealing with employment issues, regulations, and compliance. Laws can change quickly, making it difficult to stay on top of important policies. To top it off, employee relations can be a delicate affair, and being objective with clear guidelines aids in creating and maintaining a positive and successful culture. But is it really worth hiring a full or part-time human resources representative for those times that you need guidance and expertise, especially when they aren’t a part of your day-to-day operations?

We at Virtual HR Services for Small Businesses believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to a cost-efficient Human Resources Consultant, allowing the small business owner to focus their efforts and resources on their core business. Let us help you make your company a great place to work!

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