Companies should conduct Skills Gap Analysis

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What is a Skills Gap Analysis?

Skills Gap Analysis is a technique that helps organizations determine what skills they need to fill to gain the competencies needed to perform certain functions within their organization. It’s useful when an organization wants to understand what specific gaps exist in terms of its personnel and how it can solve those gaps. This article provides insights into companies that need to conduct a skills gap analysis, why they should do so, and the various benefits this analysis can provide. Skills gaps are some of the most common reasons that organizations fail. Often, businesses find themselves with a skills gap because of the ever-changing and complex nature of the industry in which they operate. Whether it’s new technologies, emerging trends, or a change in customer needs, it’s important to be able to continually learn and adapt to stay competitive. This, in turn, requires a constant infusion of new talent to help fuel that learning and adaptation.

Examples of skills gap analysis

Before diving into the analysis process in-depth, we’ll explore two examples to help get a better sense of how a skills gap analysis works. First, let’s say you’re a travel agency that’s looking to hire a customer support representative. You want to understand if you have the skills and competencies to support your existing clients and attract new business. To do this, you conduct a skills gap analysis to see what skills your current employees need to support those functions. In this analysis, you might find that the customer support team has a weakness regarding social media, which could explain why some of your clients have become less active or stopped using the agency. To correct this, you might train your customer service team on social media best practices and also start using social media tools in your daily operations. This will help you bridge the knowledge gap between your agency’s employees and your clients, which will ultimately help you attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Why do companies need to conduct a skills gap analysis?

Organizations need to conduct a skills gap analysis because it allows them to take a strategic look at the skills and competencies needed to achieve their organizational goals. It is also useful for organizations to conduct this gap analysis as an ongoing process. Why? Because as new skills are added to the organization, other skills might become obsolete. For example, as information technology becomes an increasingly important function, it is important to make sure that the organization has the necessary skill sets to support the technology. When conducting the skills gap analysis, it is important to consider the following: – How the salary for the job will be affected if there is a skills gap? – What skills are needed to perform this specific function within the company? – Who in the company has these skills? – How these skills are acquired and where they are acquired

Steps in conducting a skills gap analysis

Before conducting a skills gap analysis, it’s important to first identify the gaps that exist in the organization. This is done by analyzing the skills that are currently in use and the skills that are needed to perform the functions within the organization. Once these gaps are identified, it’s important to determine what responsibilities are intertwined with those functions within the organization. For example, in a travel agency, you might find that the customer service team has some knowledge about social media and some about technology. This means that you need to assess both social media and technology skills to make sure that there is a proper mix between the two. Next, you should identify the areas that need specific attention when performing the skills gap analysis. For example, in a travel agency, the technology skills gap could be assessed by looking at how often the company uses social media tools, as well as the quality of those tools. This, in turn, can be used to create a skills gap analysis report that identifies where improvements are needed to close the technology gap in the organization.


A skills gap analysis is a useful way for organizations to understand the skills gaps that exist among their personnel. Conducting a skills gap analysis can help an organization identify what specific skills are needed to perform specific functions within the company, as well as who within the company currently possesses those skills.

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